How to run any Windows game on Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is one of the greatest gaming devices released in a long time. I just love how I can play pretty much any AAA game on Steam Deck. With the help of some magic, the device manages to run all sorts of resource hungry Windows games on Linux! What an era to be alive! But… What to do if you would like to play a non-Steam Game like something from Ubisoft Connect, Gog or Epic Games? Or maybe you would like to play the new Pokémon TCG Live on your Steam deck. Follow these easy steps, and you can! ☺️

How to find flights that give the most frequent flyer points?

Your tracking period is coming to an end and you are just a couple of thousand points short for the next tier. It is time to find the cheapest way to get those extra miles. Trust me, we have all been there. Finding flights isn't that easy when you try to optimize price and frequent flyer points. Unless if you use Fly for Points search to do the job. Let's find out how it works. 😄