How to uninstall Mora on Redmagic 8 Pro

Let's get one thing straight, I do not need some anime slut running around on my expensive Redmagic 8 Pro phone. 🀬 I am not into crap like that and frankly Mora has to go! As soon as I realized that such a thing had infiltrated my phone, the only logical question was how to uninstall Mora? I did the hard work, so the only thing you will need to do is to follow this easy tutorial. 😎

1. Developer mode

First, you will need to enable the developer mode on your phone. This is rather easy, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to About Phone
  • Tap on the Build Number several times
  • After tapping, you will be prompted to enable developer mode

Once the developer mode is enabled, you will need to enable USB debugging, this is done by accessing the newly enabled developer options

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Advanced settings
  • Got to Developer options
  • Enable USB debugging

2. Install ADB on your computer

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a piece of software you will need to run on your computer to get access to the depths of your phone. The best perk of this tool is that it lets you uninstall whichever app you want on your phone. Yes, you can even uninstall Mora. πŸ₯³

2.1. Windows

On Windows, you will need to download Android SDK, extract it somewhere and open up the terminal in the folder where you extracted the SDK

  • Download Android SDK
  • Extract the ZIP file somewhere
  • Open the folder you just extracted (the one that has adb.exe)
  • Right click on the white space in the folder window to open a popup menu
  • Select Open in terminal
  • Do not close the terminal

2.2. Mac

On Mac, you will need to open the terminal and run two commands in the terminal

  • Launching the terminal
    • Open Launchpad
    • Inside of Other, launch Terminal
  • Type the following two commands and press enter after each command:
    • /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
    • brew install –cask android-sdk
  • Do not close the terminal

2.3. Ubuntu

On Ubuntu, open the terminal (since you use Linux, you should know how to do it) and install Android SDK.

  • Open the terminal
  • sudo apt install android-sdk
  • Do not close the terminal

3. Uninstall Mora

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. And follow these steps.

  • In the terminal, run
    • adb shell
  • This opens a shell to your phone. At this point your phone might ask if you trust this computer, click Allow
  • In the terminal, run
    • pm uninstall –user 0 cn.nubia.redmagickyi
  • At this point, Mora is no more
  • If you also want to remove the game center, you can run
    • pm uninstall –user 0 cn.nubia.gamelauncher


That's it, Mora is gone – you will need to repeat these steps if Nubia rolls a major software update that reintroduces Mora, but apart from that, Mora has been uninstalled. No more stupid waifu garbage telling you if your battery is about to run out. 🀩