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Logitech Master MX mouse

I have had a Logitech MX Master mouse for half a year now, and so far, I can tell, it's the best mouse I have ever had. It's lightyears ahead of the other pointing devices I have been forced to use over the years. This review focuses on the three main aspects of the mouse: customizability, ergonomics and connectivity. The mouse is available for purchase on AliExpress. (more…)

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A picture of Xiaomi WiFi router

About a year ago I was in a tricky situation. I had just moved to a new flat that had a modern fiber-optic connection meaning that instead of connecting my router to a phone socket, there was an ethernet port on the wall. This meant, of course, that I had to go shopping for a new router after I was told by my internet provider that they don’t sell such routers, because “you can connect your computer to the ethernet port directly”…  🤦‍♂️ Like I would only have one device I wanted to connect to the internet. 🤣 (more…)

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