Yes. I like video games 👾, guilty as charged. Here are some posts about gaming. And most importantly, Pokémon! 😃

make games in Python with Unity

Python is a great programming language due to a multitude of reasons such as a long list of libraries ready to solve almost any problem you might encounter. For me, however, the biggest reason to prefer coding in Python with Unity over C# is that I simply don't have to type as much; no type declarations, semicolons or curly brackets, not to mention return types, scopes and so on… 😴

Yet, online I can only find outdated guides or worse yet "why don't you just learn C#, it's easy and blah blah" comments. 😫 But I like Python. 🥺Therefore, this post teaches you how to use IronPython with Unity. Just remember that IronPython only supports Python 2.

A playstation 4 controller

The Final Fantasy series has seen a lot changes over the years. If you like one game in the series, you might hate another. Square Enix has sure tried out different approaches in crafting an RPG battle system! And this time, for me, they had hit the spot once more.😃


Super Mario toy celebrating

Lately, I have put much thought into usability in video games. Back in the days, we were used to games being not-so-user-firendly. Such as Super Mario, a platformer that doesn't let you save is just as usable as Microsoft Word without save feature. Of course, if you could save your progress anytime in Super Mario, it would be as usable as Word when it comes to saving, but it would take a part of the game out. It would become too easy if you never had to start from the beginning after dying. Therefore, there's a tradeoff! 🤔 (more…)

Pokemon Go open on a phone with the picture of a Charizard

EDIT: Read a more up-to-date list of future evolutions here.

The second generation Pokémon are arriving on Pokémon Go. We have already seen the baby forms added to the game. Like some of us might remember, some of the old 1st generation Pokémon will have new evolutions in the 2nd generation.😮 This means that while you are out there hunting for Pokémon, there are some you should keep on hording because you will soon be able to evolve them to completely new 2nd generation Pokémon.

I built up the following table of old Pokémon that will get a new evolution with an estimated amount of candy they will need to evolve. 🤓

New evolutions

Old Pokémon Candies to evolve 2nd gen Pokémon
Zubat -> Golbat
100 🍬
25 🍬
Espeon and Umbreon
50 🍬
50 🍬
Horsea -> Seadra
100 🍬
50 🍬
Porygon 2
50 🍬
50 🍬
Oddish -> Gloom
100 🍬
Poliwag -> Poliwhirl

So remember to keep these Pokémon in mind when walking out there! If you want to make the catching process a bit easier, you should check out the Pokémon Go Plus gear.

Happy catching! ☺️

Pikachu standing in front of a pink Nintendo 3DS

Lately I have been putting a great deal of my free time to Pokémon Sun for Nintendo 3DS. So much so that I thought that writing a review was the way to go. 👍

What makes Pokémon Sun so special is that it's a perfect mixture of old and new. Old in the sense that it has surprisingly many old Pokémon from the previous generations. On the first island, you can bump into a Growlithe, Zubat, Slowpoke and so on. This is cool, because you don't feel too lost with the game and all of its new Pokémon. Some old Pokémon have a slightly different form in Alola region to spice them up. (more…)