My software

This is a listing of blog posts about my own software, what I have coded myself. More creations of mine can be found on MKH Soft website.

Korp and Python. Access corpora from your Python code!

If you have done language technology in a Nordic country, you have probably heard about Korp. And by now, you have probably developed some sort of a love-hate relationship to it. My initial thought was: Korp is nice, but so what πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ, I need to access it programmatically for it to serve any use. The fact that the API description is somewhat hidden online and that not all Korp services are open about the url of their API doesn't really help at all. 😩

Luckily, once again, yours truly has been typing in some code to make your life easier. πŸ€“ Behold, my very own python library for queryingΒ Korp. 😊 (more…)

An iMac with a glowing screen in an ill lit room

So you want to resize Launchpad on macOS? When Apple introduced the launchpad a couple of OSX versions back the screen resolutions used to be a whole lot smaller. Remember when HD still was a thing?Β πŸ˜ƒ Anyways, launchpad icons just look awfully huge on a 2K or 4K display but macOS doesn't provide any settings to adjust their size to show more of them on a single page on Launchpad. Luckily, yours truly came up with a solution!Β πŸ€“ (more…)