January 2017

A blue eye

You are walking down the street looking in front of you and suddenly, someone says hi to you. You turn your head and see your friend. How did that happen? Why didn't you see him when you were walking before he caught your attention? These things happen to people, because we are hardwired to ignore most of the things around us. 😮


A picture of Xiaomi WiFi router

About a year ago I was in a tricky situation. I had just moved to a new flat that had a modern fiber-optic connection meaning that instead of connecting my router to a phone socket, there was an ethernet port on the wall. This meant, of course, that I had to go shopping for a new router after I was told by my internet provider that they don’t sell such routers, because “you can connect your computer to the ethernet port directly”…  🤦‍♂️ Like I would only have one device I wanted to connect to the internet. 🤣 (more…)

An open dictionary with the word focus in focus

After taking a course in lexicography, I found it astonishing that there was people who didn’t quite understand the difference between a dictionary and an encyclopaedia. Even more disturbing is that I have seen a great many scientific papers in which dictionaries have been used as though they had encyclopaedia like knowledge. 😥

Luckily, the distinction is quite easy.🙂 (more…)

A street with light trails from cars at night

Load testing a Django based application with jMeter is a tricky thing to do since Django requires a CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) token to be present on every POST request (unless you have disabled it, of course).  This tutorial helps you to hit the ground running with your Django tests, as I have prepared a ready made test file for you. 🤓 (more…)

Pokemon Go open on a phone with the picture of a Charizard

EDIT: Read a more up-to-date list of future evolutions here.

The second generation Pokémon are arriving on Pokémon Go. We have already seen the baby forms added to the game. Like some of us might remember, some of the old 1st generation Pokémon will have new evolutions in the 2nd generation.😮 This means that while you are out there hunting for Pokémon, there are some you should keep on hording because you will soon be able to evolve them to completely new 2nd generation Pokémon.

I built up the following table of old Pokémon that will get a new evolution with an estimated amount of candy they will need to evolve. 🤓

New evolutions

Old Pokémon Candies to evolve 2nd gen Pokémon
Zubat -> Golbat
100 🍬
25 🍬
Espeon and Umbreon
50 🍬
50 🍬
Horsea -> Seadra
100 🍬
50 🍬
Porygon 2
50 🍬
50 🍬
Oddish -> Gloom
100 🍬
Poliwag -> Poliwhirl

So remember to keep these Pokémon in mind when walking out there! If you want to make the catching process a bit easier, you should check out the Pokémon Go Plus gear.

Happy catching! ☺️