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space colonies: From the ruins of the world by Mika Hämäläinen

To celebrate the first year of Mika likes 👍, I am announcing here that my first book in Finnish From the Ruins of the World is published on Amazon. It's the first in the series named Space Colonies. I am excited that the project I started way back when I still lived in Sweden, some three years ago, has finally come to an end. I am also excited that this is just the beginning of a book series that will know no end! I have no plans to end it after a couple of more books. No. An entire shelf has to be filled by Space Colonies. And maybe somewhere along the road, the series will be translated in English. 🚀


A lapland reindeer dog puppy named Lunni

To celebrate the first year of Mika Likes 👍, I will share the story of someone I really liked, namely my dog, Lunni. 🐕 Why was she so special as a dog? Well, she was the most stubborn little being I have ever come across in my life, and she was clever to boot. If she wanted to eat something by the road, she would trick me and have her way! She would for example tangle her tether around trees "by accident" to have just enough leash left to eat poop so that I couldn't pull her away. Of course, I learned this very fast and I knew that she was always scanning the surroundings to trick me. 😅 (more…)

birthday cake cake birthday cupcakes

It all started a year ago with my first post about Spanish. That marked a start of me posting something every week on the blog. The year has been eventful and a lot of things have been going on in my life too: graduation with MA degree, new job, loss of my dog, Lunni, who walked by my side for 12 years, being accepted as a PhD student and publishing my first book.

I thank you all for reading Mika Likes 👍 and making this blog possible. The latest addition to this blog are pages in Spanish and Finnish which I am translating myself. Let's make this blog last for many more years to come! 🎉🎉🎉