Force Android to switch to mobile internet on weak WiFi

My new phone has an awesome WiFi modem. 📡 The problem is that it's a bit too good for it's own sake. Whenever I walk away from my home, I will be offline for up to 50 meters from my place. This is because my Android phone is still connected to my home WiFi, but the signal is too weak to provide any internet access.

Luckily, the issue of your phone staying connected to a weak WiFi is extremely easy to solve. 😊

Step 1 – Enable developer settings 🛠

  • Go to Android settings and click on "About phone"

  • Scroll to the "Build number" and start tapping on it. Once you have tapped long enough, you will get a message stating that you are now a developer

Step 2 – Go to developer settings ⚙️

  • In Android settings, you should now see a new settings category called "developer options". Open it.

  • Scroll down until you see "Aggressive WiFi to mobile handover" and enable it.

Note: You can also enable "Mobile data always active" to make sure you will never end up being offline, however this will have an impact on your phone's battery life.


That was it – a piece of cake 🍰. 😊