Final Fantasy XV – an almost open world experience

The Final Fantasy series has seen a lot changes over the years. If you like one game in the series, you might hate another. Square Enix has sure tried out different approaches in crafting an RPG battle system! And this time, for me, they had hit the spot once more.😃

In battles, you can run around freely and slash the enemies you want with your sword. You can even just run outside of the battle zone ending the battle. Why I like this system, is that it reminds me of the battles in Kingdom Hearts. The problem, however, is that the battles were a bit too easy this time around. It's sure a lot of fun for a casual gaymer like myself who doesn't bother learning all the intricate spell and weapon crafting systems and what nots in the game, but for hardcore players, this might be a bit too easy. And to my defense – I didn't even have the game on easy mode!

Open world is a nice and refreshing change in the Final Fantasy series. However, don't expect a Bethesda level of openness. Once you have done with around 50% of the story, you are presented with more Final Fantasy like maps, with no openness at all. And the only way to return to the open world from that point on, is to consult an oracle to turn back time… Yeah… I ain't gonna do that. If the world is not open at all times, it's not truly open. 🙃

The game succeeds in bringing you the true Final Fantasy experience. You can expect epic battles with gods who could use tower blocks as chairs given their size. You will get an interesting storyline and even though the game has some shortcomings, it is quite entertaining and a real value for the money. ☺️

I myself was a bit afraid of the camping and cooking part of the game, because frankly they sounded boring. But it turned out to be quite a nice thing. You will level up only by camping and cooking will give you characters some boost, like more health, for the next day. Not too bad at all…

All in all, I would rate this game a 9 out of 10. But keep in mind that if you are a hardcore gamer, the game might be a bit too easy. 😅