Logitech MX Master – the mouse you need

I have had a Logitech MX Master mouse for half a year now, and so far, I can tell, it's the best mouse I have ever had. It's lightyears ahead of the other pointing devices I have been forced to use over the years. This review focuses on the three main aspects of the mouse: customizability, ergonomics and connectivity. The mouse is available for purchase on AliExpress.


The mouse is a miracle worker in terms of its connectivity. You can pair it up with 3 different devices, and changing in between them is as easy as 1-2-3. You see, at the bottom of the mouse there's a button to switch the paired device. You can either pair the mouse up with a Logitech unifying receiver (one included with the mouse) or Bluetooth. One word of advice though, the mouse requires Bluetooth 4.0, so make sure you have it in you laptop. I had to change my mid-2011 MacBook Pro for a newer one to get it work. 😅

This mouse is a must if you have multiple computers and you don't want to spend your time on pairing your mouse or connecting and disconnecting a usb dongle.


With the Logitech application installed, you can easily change what the buttons of your mouse do. The mouse sports with two additional small buttons and an extra wheel on the side. The decorated part for resting your thumb also acts as a button and can be customized at will. The only thing that can be customized without the application is the main wheel. There's a button to lock it or to release it.


The mouse is a delight to hold, it's big enough for my not-so-tiny hand. It's crafted well enough to make you feel your palm is resting on top of it. It's one of the best feeling mice I have ever held, that's for sure. The only downside is that its shape makes it a mouse suitable only for the right-handed. Not a big issue for myself though. 😃


The mouse is a bit pricy, but in my opinion, it's worth every penny. It has fared well in my use ranging from FPS shooting to web browsing. And the fact that you can pair it up with 3 devices simultaneously is a life saver. Also the rechargeable battery is a big plus. Don't forget to grab yours right now. ☺️