My little heroine

To celebrate the first year of Mika Likes 👍, I will share the story of someone I really liked, namely my dog, Lunni. 🐕 Why was she so special as a dog? Well, she was the most stubborn little being I have ever come across in my life, and she was clever to boot. If she wanted to eat something by the road, she would trick me and have her way! She would for example tangle her tether around trees "by accident" to have just enough leash left to eat poop so that I couldn't pull her away. Of course, I learned this very fast and I knew that she was always scanning the surroundings to trick me. 😅

A lapland reindeer dog named Lunni

But she was the most kind hearted being too. There wasn't a person who hadn't liked her. Even people who wouldn't usually like dogs just adored her. She was nothing but kind towards people: she would never bark, bite or scratch. And she was easy to live with too. She never caused troubles at home and she got used to new places quickly. We started our journey in Mikkeli, only later to move to Vantaa, Madrid, Stockholm and Helsinki. No matter where our home was, she was happy as long as there was food and we would walk together. 😊

Now Lunni is no more, but I will never forget her. There will never be another one just like her. I see so much myself in her. ☺️