Space Colonies: From the Ruins of the World (My book)

To celebrate the first year of Mika likes 👍, I am announcing here that my first book in Finnish From the Ruins of the World is published on Amazon. It's the first in the series named Space Colonies. I am excited that the project I started way back when I still lived in Sweden, some three years ago, has finally come to an end. I am also excited that this is just the beginning of a book series that will know no end! I have no plans to end it after a couple of more books. No. An entire shelf has to be filled by Space Colonies. And maybe somewhere along the road, the series will be translated in English. 🚀


Mika Hämäläisen avaruussiirtokunnat, maailman raunioilta -kirja

The book describes the world after the Third World War. The war has destroyed the forests so badly that the climate change has gone out of the control. This leaves people with no choice but to escape to the space. Arks are built to take the lucky ones to a voyage across the space to find new planets. The people left behind will, however, face another destiny: there will be enough space for everyone in the bases that are built on the moon and the Mars. Or will there? Is it really so that the climate change is unstoppable?

Where to buy

The book is available for purchase in Finnish on Amazon US,  Amazon Germany, Apple iBooks and Google Play.